About Us

The British Columbia First Nations Early Childhood Development Council (FNECDC)

The First Nations Early Childhood Development Council (FNECDC) was created in 2007 when stakeholders began discussing the need to develop a provincial BC First Nations ECD agenda and action plan aimed at improving the well-being of First Nations children from prenatal to six years.

On March 24, 2010, representatives from over 40 organizations signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together to improve Early Childhood Development (ECD) programs and services. Since then, the Council has been endorsed by BC First Nations Leadership and has grown to include more than 60 members who come together regularly as a large group to collaborate on an ongoing agenda and action plan.

To facilitate a province-wide discussion on First Nations specific issues surrounding Early Childhood Development, the FNECDC has developed the First Nations Early Childhood Development Framework. This document describes proposed strategies and approaches to advance access to quality and culturally relevant ECD services for First Nations children, parents, and communities.

To advance the intentions of the FNECDC the Ministry of Child and Family Development (MCFD) committed $5 Million to an Aboriginal Early Childhood Development Reinvestment Initiative for 2011-2012. The FNECDC is currently engaged as part of the First Nations, Metis, Urban Aboriginal Early Childhood Development Steering Committee, responsible for the identification of ECD funding priorities and the disbursement of funds throughout the province. This year’s funds are expected to total $5 Million and the FNECDC is hopeful that 2013-2014 resources will begin flowing to First Nations communities and organizations by May.

Council representatives, as well as the Early Childhood Development and Education Program Analyst, provide continuous updates to First Nations Leadership, organizations and communities.